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This product has really helped with my anxiety. It makes me much calmer. I have been taking it for at least 3 months now. I take 4 capsule daily instead of 2 because of the anxiety I have. That is the correct dosage for me. Brain Forza is very quick to deliver their products at an extremely reasonable price.

Laura B. (Phoenix, US)

I am very satisfied and elated to discover your product. I have used many brain formulas over the counter and they seem to be mediocre. Since taking your product, I am actually experiencing more energy and clear thinking & memory that has been absent for several months. I like natural products without fillers and ingredients that work as advertised!

Rudolph W: (Salem, US)

There is a definite improvement in the health of my skin and fingernails after taking liquid calcium & magnesium w/ Vit D for 3 weeks. I have taken other magnesium/calcium supplements in addition to biotin and silica tablets without success.

Sharon A. (Tahlequah, US)

one of my favorite new supplements. to be honest, i didn't expect much from lemon balm given the wide array of mind supplements out there, but this herb can be felt right away and puts me in a nice mood.

Ozzy (Beirut, LB)

By far my favorite company to buy not only Red Reishi, but all my mushrooms from. I take it everyday in conjunction with Brain Forza's Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, and Cordyceps and it for sure keeps me feeling 100%. I am a jiu jitu practitioner, meaning I am in close contact with a lot of different people every single day making me especially at risk to catch any bugs going around and I truly believe this product has helped my immunity. This supplement also has significantly helped me with my sleep and keeping my stress levels low. I love everything I've tried from Brain Forza and am definitely going to stay a reacquiring costumer.

Yasmin M. (Toronto, CA)