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Brain Forza | #OVERCOME

Supplements and organic foods to make you stronger, smarter and happier -
specializing in organic mushrooms and herbal adaptogens.

Brain "Forza" means "Brain Strong" - interpreted as having a strong
will. We believe with the right mindset, you can overcome any obstacle.
We provide you with the high-quality products you need to achieve those

✓ Non-GMO Only ✓ Herb ID Tracked ✓ Correct Servings
✓ Active-form Vitamins ✓ Made in the USA

Always better.

Better formulas, better ingredients, better serving sizes - all for better value.

We make our dream products, then share them with the world.

Our Story

Cool People Who Use Brain Forza

Dr. Joseph Yi
Clinical Psychiatrist
Neen Williams
Pro Skater
Jes Macallan
TV & Film Actress
Diego Sanchez
Legendary MMA Fighter


"this product is an honest miracle, very beneficial for boosting mood and regenerating nerves, and they are consistently potent and effective, definitely a favorite"
– Gabriel G
"It's really a good product, effective, quality, always satisfied"
– Elena C
"For those looking for a fairly potent supplement to aid in stress/anxiety relief or as a sleep aid, perhaps this product is a fit for you. I highly recommend it."
– Annie
"I've been using this product for only a few weeks now. I can definitely feel how it helps to ease my anxiety and stress level especially at my workplace . I will continue to use this product and have ordered 4 more bottles"
– PG Z
"This is a great product that boosted my ability to focus and concentrate on studying for a major test. Usually i would be easily distracted and lose attention easily. Other products that I have used in the past didn't give me a true sense of concentration. This is a great product and one that I would recommend."
– Antawuan T
"I have purchased the red reishi mushrooms from Brain Forza from the start and the web site is always easy to use and I have received them earlier than expected. I have been using Brain Forza and their red reishi mushrooms for over two years now."
– Grant C

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