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Brain Forza | #OVERCOME

Supplements and organic foods to make you stronger, smarter and happier -
specializing in organic mushrooms and herbal adaptogens.

Brain "Forza" means "Brain Strong" - interpreted as having a strong
will. We believe with the right mindset, you can overcome any obstacle.
We provide you with the high-quality products you need to achieve those

✓ Non-GMO Only ✓ Herb ID Tracked ✓ Correct Servings
✓ Active-form Vitamins ✓ Made in the USA

Always better.

Better formulas, better ingredients, better serving sizes - all for better value.

We make our dream products, then share them with the world.

Our Story

Doctor Recommended

Dr. Joseph Yi, MD is a clinical Psychiatrist in Philadelphia, PA. He recommends and uses Brain Forza products in his clinic: Modern Behavioral. His favorite? Our famous Lemon Balm. He even has his own recipe for a Brain Forza Chai Lemon Balm tea he serves clients during sessions.
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Dr. Joseph Yi
Clinical Psychiatrist
Neen Williams
Pro Skater
Jes Macallan
TV & Film Actress
Diego Sanchez
Legendary MMA Fighter
Daniel kim
YouTube Star
Micky Papa
Pro Skater
Spencer Hamilton
Pro Skater
Andy Marx
Photog & Art Director


this product is an honest miracle, very beneficial for boosting mood and regenerating nerves, and they are consistently potent and effective , definitely a favorite

– Gabriel G

It's really a good product, effective, quality, always satisfied

– Elena C

For those looking for a fairly potent supplement to aid in stress/anxiety relief or as a sleep aid, perhaps this product is a fit for you. I highly recommend it.

– Annie

I've been using this product for only a few weeks now. I can definitely feel how it helps to ease my anxiety and stress level especially at my workplace . I will continue to use this product and have ordered 4 more bottles

– PG Z

This is a great product that boosted my ability to focus and concentrate on studying for a major test. Usually i would be easily distracted and lose attention easily. Other products that I have used in the past didn't give me a true sense of concentration. This is a great product and one that I would recommend.

– Antawuan T

I have purchased the red reishi mushrooms from Brain Forza from the start and the web site is always easy to use and I have received them earlier than expected. I have been using Brain Forza and their red reishi mushrooms for over two years now.

– Grant C

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