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I buy the LION'S MANE MUSHROOM for my sister who has a blood cancer. She has been taking it for 1 year now & continues to do well.


An excellent supplement - I love it so much, I'm telling all my friends!


Hi, great product. I am a health-care professional. I wish you had a stronger markup between retail and wholesale. Thanks.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

works well, just like it's advertised. Very pleased with the results so far.

Just received. Great transaction though!

Looking forward to the brain boost!

I’m new to Brain Forza

Delivery good. Price decent. Don’t notice anything yet after 3 weeks but I believe it’s a good product. I’m new to Brain Forza, although I’ve been using supplements for 55 yrs & feel good all the time. It may become noticeable after 3 months. I take 3 a day.

Fantastic Ashwagandha

Love the product it’s the best

Not sure.

Not quite sure after a short time of use. Up D3 too. So the results are confused.
Just scrolled down to read that clinical trials recommend 2 months.

Wonderful product!
Got this for my daughter who’s hormones were giving her major problems and this really balanced her hormones out. Very greatful to you 👍🏼 Thank You

Great product

I’m a repeat customer. Product arrives when promised and performs as described

Good stuff

I take lions mane 2tab 2x a day. I take Turkey tail and chaga to prevent a cold. So far so good. I am trying to prevent any dementia or Alzeimher's since both my parents have it. I am already forgetful at 53. So many i am doing this for prevention. I will be taking it forever.

Nice calm

Well I got my Adaptogen so far so good, I swear it is making me more calm and focused.


I have not started taking them yet, but I'm exited to begin taking them based on all the good things I've heard about Lions Mane!

Happy with purchase

So far happy with purchase-haven’t noticed improvement yet but not declining either

I'm liking this stuff

I have always been that rock steady person emotional wise. The one people go to to get grounded. I get through any stress by looking at it objectively and realizing it's just a situation that requires dealing with. I deal with it and move on. The past ten years though my job, through new programs we use that constantly change and we have to learn, and we're asked for more information, has been really bothering me because it not a one time thing I can deal with and solve, although I tried to treat it like that. Every month there is something different. Like the ever changing Windows System, or the programs and apps we use that we all have to keep learning and updating and remembering forever. The computer has introduced prolonged and never ending stresses we never had as a people before say... 1990, and we never expected this. So, people like me, who can deal with "regular stress" effectively, now, have through time, have had an underlying never ending external stress that is eroding our steadiness. For me, this ashwaganda resets me back to what was normal. It gives me that baseline back. It's taking the edge off this everyday never ending computer stress and I'm feeling like myself again. I needed this stuff. I know as an adaptagen it has other benefits, but this is what is apparent so far. I have adapted the dosage to suit me, and it's good.

Great stuff

This product has really helped with my anxiety. It makes me much calmer. I have been taking it for at least 3 months now. I take 4 capsule daily instead of 2 because of the anxiety I have. That is the correct dosage for me.
Brain Forza is very quick to deliver their products at an extremely reasonable price.

Too early

Too early to write a review, so far saw no difference.

Just starred.

Just started three days ago. I like the formula and profile so I’m looking forward to see results. I’ll probably Buy more because I’m going to share with my
Wife and we will
Need more. You have a monthly subscription that I might look at.
So far I take my second dose with magnesium and sleep better today

Unwelcome electrosmog

Seems to dampen the effects of unwanted electrosnog and it's nasty symptoms.

It’s works

Am self employed. Very stressful job , this product really works

No help

Sad to say...didnt help me...

Hello! Sorry to hear! Let us know how you were using it. Much of what we hear if someone doesn't get the results they want, is they are often taking less, and only use it for a few days. Keep in mind, clinical trials for KSM-66® (now 22 of them, all positive) are generally 1-3 months. We had one customer say it didn't work after 2 days of using it at one capsule per day....that's not exactly reasonable! haha. Not sure what the case is here, but of course, nothing works for everyone. I would say KSm-66 has a 85% success rate via feedback we get. But everyone also needs realistic expectations an patience. We try to keep all our claims soft and reasonable, there is so much RIDICULOUS marketing out there that just gives customers unrealistic expectations. Anyways, thanks for trying it out!!!

Best I've found.

And we are so hap...hap...happy to hear! We can feel it in this review!!! Thanks so much and we hope the goodness keeps on rolling! Message anytime if you ever had an questions and have an amazing day!

There is a definite improvement in the health of my skin and fingernails after taking liquid calcium & magnesium w/ Vit D for 3 weeks. I have taken other magnesium/calcium supplements in addition to biotin and silica tablets without success.

Memory Recall

After only one bottle, no noticeable change. Starting second bottle, so we'll see!!??

Hello James! Write our customer service. Let us know how you are using it. After finishing one bottle, if 2 caps per day, you should definitely feel some results starting. Contact us, we may be able to help you get the results you are looking for. As mentioned a bit earlier in a reply, clinical trials on KSM-66 are generally 2 months.

Did not work on dementia. Sorry

Hello! I am not sure who recommended it to you for that, but not only do we not market or sell the product anywhere for that purpose, but we can tell you flat out, it would not help with that issue unfortunately. Whoever told you that did you an unfortunate disservice. We wish you all the best, feel free to reach out to use in regards to your order. We wish you health and happiness.