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Stress reliever

I have found that this stuff relieves stress and helps to problems don't you get you in a better mood and be able to handle whatever comes your way

Slow shipping

I would gave rated this 5 stars because the product was exactly as expected. I'm not giving it 5 stars because I paid for 3 day shipping and I got it two weeks later. Really annoyed that I paid extra for fast shipping and didnt get my items in that time frame.

That week we had a massive influx of sales and had ran out before the brand new shipment (what you received, just-made product) arrived on Friday, when your package was dropped off at USPS. It made it after 3pm, so it didn’t start moving until Monday.
Great product

Well produced

I love this product...I have referred many people to your has helped with my Guillain Barr

I have actually felt better! Thank you...I will definitely order you ever give a discount?

love the taste. I've noticed a difference. Will reorder after product is finished. Shipment was fast. Tks

Amazing product, noticeable improvement in clarity of mind, also very good before a workout!

Very Good product

great product

This is the real deal

So far the product has preformed as stated. Effective. The only issue I have at this time is I has asked for a delay in delivery of om next shipment and no one responded.

Good product, but gave me nightmares

This product is good, it is very potent. The suggested dosage is 2 capsules, so that is what I took. Strangely, I ended up having very vivid nightmares every night. I read that other people have had the same problem. I decreased my daily intake to 1 capsule and the nightmares have been much better. It did take a long time for the product to ship, and it is not cheap, but it's worth it. Very effective.

It seems to be helping with my peripheral neuropathy, I'm sleeping better without waking up with pins and needles every couple hours.

Brain Forza

I will be continuously be buying this prorduct it really works for me. My focus is so much better. Short term memory has gotten much better as well. Love this product.

Excellent product

Dear Brain Forza:
I am very satisfied and elated to discover your product. I have used many brain formulas over the counter and they seem to be mediocre. Since taking your product, I am actually experiencing more energy and clear thinking & memory that has been absent for several months. I like natural products without fillers and ingredients that work as advertised! In a few days, I will contact you shortly for setting up a recurring monthly supply. I am that confident and comfortable with Brain Forza and truly welcome the results. Thank you.

Effective and amazing!!!

I love taking it in the evening when i do my Meditations and then go to bed. It works. Just make it a lifestyle. It works!!!!

it works!

one of my favorite new supplements. to be honest, i didn't expect much from lemon balm given the wide array of mind supplements out there, but this herb can be felt right away and puts me in a nice mood.

excellent product!

i like opening 2 caps of ksm-66 into some hot water and sipping it around 2 hours before bed and it really helps relax my body and mind, preparing me for a good night's sleep. highly recommended!


I have arthritis in my hands, it was very painful, now the pain is gone. I can tell my brain fog is gone also. Thank you for this amazing product.

It looks to me as neutral effects, not good and not bad.
I stopped using it.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root

One of my favorites

Lion's Mane is by far one of my favorite supplements! I take it daily as well as Brain Forza's Red Reishi, Cordyceps, and Ashwagandha. I used to be on prescription ADD medication for years until I first heard about medicinal mushrooms - especially Lion's Mane - and all their benefits and decided to give them a try. Since taking this supplement I haven't taken my Adderall in over 4 months which I am very happy about. Lion's Mane helps me stay focused, improved energy, and doesn't leave me wired all night/any of the other unpleasant side effects I experienced on my prescription. Not to mention all of the other benefits it has for your brain health. All in all, a fantastic supplement from a fantastic company!

Red Reishi Keeping Me Healthy

By far my favorite company to buy not only Red Reishi, but all my mushrooms from. I take it everyday in conjunction with Brain Forza's Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, and Cordyceps and it for sure keeps me feeling 100%. I am a jiu jitu practitioner, meaning I am in close contact with a lot of different people every single day making me especially at risk to catch any bugs going around and I truly believe this product has helped my immunity. This supplement also has significantly helped me with my sleep and keeping my stress levels low. I love everything I've tried from Brain Forza and am definitely going to stay a reacquiring costumer.


We've been taking the Lion's Mane for several weeks now and we were discussing if we were feeling any different. We've both had injuries that left us with foot and nerve pain and after thinking about the last few weeks we both agreed that the pain has lessened. The painful electric pulses that shock our feet and calves are reduced as well. We are placing our second order and are hoping the Lion's Mane will continue to lessen the pain and maybe even improve even more.

Lion's mane

We took the lions mane for about 3 months and I really didn't think it was doing much so I didn't reorder. After about a week I thought," what is wrong with me?"...I felt like I was in a fog. Another week went by the fog was still there and I was having a hard time concentrating and I knew for sure that I needed to reorder. We've been talking it for about two weeks and I feel great! Also I've put us on auto ship so we'll never run out again. Thanks Brain Forza for having such a great high quality product.


Awesome! Will be ordering again.


Great experience, great product , and enjoying the health benefits, as described. Subscription has arrived, per contract, and timely.
Shipping attrition on my deliveries has been, .065 capsules, put the powder can be reclaimed, weighed, and mixed into any liquid for consumption.
Very pleased with the product and customer relationship.
The Lions mane has been a real help with chronic inflammation.
Couldnt be happier, as of now.