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I thank you so very good product quality product gives me the Edge I need

Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom

KSM-66 Ashwagandha root extract

Absolutely amazing! Will be purchasing again.

Red Reishi from Brain Forza is the very best I've found in my many decades of using natural supplements. It's the most effective and a great value. Also, I am sensitive and usually non-responsive, little-responsive or reverse-responsive to many good natural supplements, but I respond very well to this product. If you notice some uncomfortable symptoms at first, don't quit. Take a few days off and then start on a low dose (just one) and drink plenty of clean water. Some people need to adjust to the healthy effects of this product or may go through a cleansing reaction, inconvenient but essential for your good health. Thank you, Brain Forza!

Amazing product and customer service!

The organic Red Reishi from Brain Forza is the very best I've tried after many long decades of being into , natural doctors, natural supplements, mushrooms, etc. and searching everywhere for the best of the best. Thank you, Brain Forza!! Keep up the great work!!

Worked best when I first tried it. can't tell a big difference now. I will not need a new supply in 60 days. Cancel my automatic order for now until I
see how I react to my new supply. Yours truly, Jean Newman

I have experienced notable beneficial improvements since I have begun taking Lion’s Mane Mushroom a few months ago. As a college student who suffers from ADHD, this supplement has aided me significantly by improving my ability to focus naturally and increasing my memory. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who looking to improve their memory or focus.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root

Amazing stuff 10

Lions mane

I got this for my terminally ill daughter. She hasn't been taking it long enough for me to write a review. I will give a proper review when appropriate.

Just started taking my product so can't rate it yet. However the shipping was very fast. Received my order before estimated date. So definitely pleased with that part.

Great. I feel better everyday.

I am only giving it 3 stars because I have only been on it for 2 weeks and combining it with Gingko Biloba which I heard is a great combination. I can say I definitely sleep better and it is helping with anxiety a lot, I fell more alert and willing to always be working on something I can not really explain but you just want to be productive and multitask ,as far as sexual drive / libido I have also noticed some increase and hopefully it gets better with time since the minimum of use is two to three months so after that timeline I will write another review.

Very good product. I take it 3 times throughout my day and feel more energized

I've only been taking the KSM-66 for a few weeks, but I've noticed a much more consistent sleep pattern after months of very inconsistent sleep. I also seem to be much more relaxed when faced with daily stressors. Very happy with the product so far and I'll be reordering.

Seems to be a great product!

This lemon balm extract helps me get calm and enjoy mental relaxation. When I find myself wide awake at night it has put me back to sleep without a hangover in the morning. I take a smaller dose during the day to combat stress buildup while at work. Another positive benefit is this lemon balm extract eases my stomach tension which does wonders for my mood. This supplement is in my permanent herb arsenal.


This supplement has tremendous brain and nerve benefits. I am very happy with my purchase and appreciate the high quality ingredients and processes that Brain Forza incorporates.

When you a need a pick me up and you don’t want to rely on coffee and energy drinks.
I would recommend BRAIN FORZA, because it will give you the mental focus and energy you need to get you through the day with any task or daily work, especially with school.
I use it for my school respiratory therapy program and it’s been helping a lot. Go fuel your brain with their new formula!!

Great stuff. Always make sure to get the one that's a 5% extract. And of course, this product is 5% extract. So much better than just the regular once