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Great purchase

I'm currently enjoying the hell out of the benefits of these supplements. Customer service is on another level of great. Thanks.

Everyday Essential !

After tons of research, I found that SuperFast has the highest electrolyte content in any drink or powder in stores or online! My lab work is finally showing normal levels of Sodium Chloride and Potassium after being dangerously low!
Every morning I mix a heaping scoop full into 30 oz of cold water with 2 Sugar Free flavor packets (any kind) and a couple of drops of zinc. It tastes great this way! I’ve been drinking my extra flavored (caffeinated) water for a long time and the SuperFast makes it taste better in fact. Tried it in coffee and had to pour it out tho!! Tried it in plain water and poured it out too, so be sure and add it to a big glass or sport cup of something flavored. My sport cup has a straw that sips off the bottom so I get all the settlement (no strong taste after stirred) but if you are drinking from a glass you’ll want to swirl it around for those last couple of drinks. They don’t taste like anything but I bet there’s good stuff in there!
This has been GREAT for the LEG CRAMPS and the HEART PALPITATIONS associated with low electrolytes! (Contact your doctor if you have heart palpitations, please.) I’m on an automatic order plan so it’s no hassle and I get a discount.

Adapt All Adaptogen, 180 Capsules
isabelle Sottile (Westlake Village, US)

Great product ! Helps with focus and mental clarity . Rita , their representative, is very helpful!

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Joseph Richter (Marinette, US)
Seems to help with ocd

I got ocd and I take rx meds for them for the past 20 years. I have been taking 3 of these capsules a day for the past 3 weeks. They seems to help meds from the doctor to the point I ordered a second bottle. So far I think there worth it.

Brain Lift Nootropic, 30 Servings
Allison Tambornini (Richmond, US)
Energized and focused

Great product, helped with my energy and focus during the work day. It also speeds up my metabolism and digestion. I would not recommend taking more than 1 full scoop at a time.

Adapt All Adaptogen, 180 Capsules
John Loftin (Foley, US)
Pharmakia Replacement

PROS: First and foremost! Cull the toxic people in your life. Second! Delete Stress in your life, stop watching all the fear mongering fake news. Stop lying to yourself! Stop lying to others! Stop believing lies. Lean what TRUTH IS so you’ll know the difference.
Stop eating mind altering PHARMAKEIA Drugs. Pharmaceutical comes from the Greek Word PHARMAKIA, meaning ( SOCERY, MAGIC, THE PRACTICE OF MAGIC) WEBSTER MEANING.
I have helped many family and friends get off anti depressants, barbiturates and sleep meds by helping them cleanse their vital organs of the years of toxic chemicals (PRESCRIPTION MEDS) they have been digesting for years. I Introduced them to these products.
I have been using Adapt All for over a year and I have energy, peace of mind, absolutely no anxiety, worries.
I eat healthy, I exercise and immediately exit any atmosphere of drama , confusion!
I pray to Father God maker of the Heavens and the Earth and thank him everyday for all he’s blessed me with.
I feel so blessed that I found this product. It truly works.
1. Adapt All
2.Brain Lift
3. Potenza
4. Super Fast

I’m 64 years young and Feeling strong and healthy.
Oh yeah, talk about boost your LOVE LIFE! No ED HERE!

CONS: Ordering products from their WEBSITE IS LIKE PLAYING MARIO BROTHERS! You have the find the golden coins. After you make your order they then want to give you a 30% discount. So order one item then you’ll see their 30% discount. Then put in you full order. Don’t get fooled! Great product, but I don’t like the marketing GAMES they play!

Great supplement

This has helped tremendously with managing my anxiety. Definitely recommend this product!

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Debra Pendergraft (Bixby, US)
very good

I am still taking it! At 71 and active I need all the mental power I can get. This seems to help!

Best thing I’ve ever done

I can’t express enough how happy I am with this product and all its wonderful benefits that came along with it. I was watching reviews online about ASHWAGANDHA. I originally took it because, I had a read that would help with the control of cortisol(The stress hormone your body produces). Intern this helped with cognitive clarity, overall mood and feeling, sleep, energy you make it. I’m knocking on 40s door and I’m not going to lie,my libido may have dropped over the last few years. Within days of taking this product we’ll just say that’s no longer an issue. I can’t express enough how happy I am with the results of this product.

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Patrick Martin (Newcastle, US)
Please do not publish my comment

The box with my initial order was lost/stolen - I never received it.
Brainforza told me to file a USPS claim but I'm convelescing from major surgery and have other priorities. Wrote it off as a ~$45 loss knowing I will not re-order. Surprisingly, this product (1 of 2 ordered/paid for) arrived, so Thank You for re-sending-THAT was generous! Sadly, I experience zero change/difference after using Lion's Mane for oh, 20 days. I hope for some improvement by end of bottle.

Love it.

Perfect for extended fasting.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract, 90 Capsules
Bradley Moore (Salt Lake City, US)
Idk if it's even doing anything but I'm sure it is

Title lol

Brain Lift Nootropic, 30 Servings
Stirling (Fairfax, US)

An awesome product from an awesome company! Works well. Delivery and customer service is quick and professional!
We will order more

Brain Lift Nootropic, 30 Servings
John Loftin (Foley, US)

I’m 63 and the one hesitation I had was the recommended age this product was labeled for. I had BRAIN FOG SO BAD I was willing to try anything. I have been taking Brain Lift for about 6 months and here is the Truth. “ FOR ME” My Brain Fog is gone and My quickness to remember names, date, and events, short term and long term has improved. Scale from 1-10 before ( 4 ). After 6 months ( 7 to 7.5 )
Note, I take no man made Pharmakia poisons! Only herbal supplements. It’s also a great weight reduce. I weighed 236 lbs. 6 months ago and now I’m weighing in at 218.
Here is the products I purchase and how I consume them. In the morning, empty stomach 1 scoop Potenza, 1 scoop Brain Lift. 2 Adapt All. Walk 3 miles a day. Own and operate my Own Electrical Engineering Company. One meal a day, 3 Adapt All 1 Hour before
bed. I’m calmer, feel great, so much more patience, peace of mind and life’s stress has little to no effect on me. This product has helped my flesh! For my Spirit Man! I pray to my Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and live in the Supernatural Kingdom that is not of this World! Not yet! But soon His Kingdom will be established here on EARTH. GET CHA SOME. ITS AWESOME! 🙏

A perferct Electrolyte replacement

I have been searching for an Electrolyte powder to add to my water after a workout and during my extended fasts. Most products have sugar and added flavors, not Super Fast. Nothing added that you don't need...clean and natural Electrolyte supplement. I always have a container at should too.

Superior product!

Love it! The entire process of order/delivery was smooth & simple. TY🤗

It works

I could go 4 days without food just by drinking water with this and I felt great

It works, It is great

I talk to way more ladies when Im on the 66, definitely a testosterone booster. I do not take it every day though...It works better that way. Take when you want to get high naturally and healthily or before bed for a good sleep.

Adapt All Adaptogen, 180 Capsules
Ryan Dover (New York, US)

good product, but very pricey

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Pat Gilbert (Jacksonville, US)


Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Marco Santana (San Luis, US)

I really like the product and will continue to order it. I have MS and any product that helps with the nerves and brain, is a must. I have more clarity and no brain fog after using this product. It really helps. Thank you.

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 90 Capsules
Therese Oglesby (Atlanta, US)

It was great, never a problem


Really helps any time I go swimming, hiking, or do any exercise.

Really needed for long fasts

Good stuff, helpful for long fasts which I use to cut body fat down

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract, 90 Capsules
Robert Lankford (Littleton, US)

Not impressed, not sure i notice any changes after months of use.