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Product is extremely difficult to drink

Hello! Thanks for your order and writing a review! To be fair to us, the taste should absolutely, not ever come into consideration here. We make it so clear - this product is 100% unflavored. There is no way to change the taste of how the raw ingredients taste. This product is for people looking for an unflavored product :) Thats who its for! Also, if you are noticing a strong taste, it's not being mixed in enough water. 16oz is noticeable taste, at 32oz its barely noticeable. Most people with an issue drinking it are either not looking for an unflavored product and/or are using too little water. Put this into a 32oz bottle, squeeze in some lemon juice, and you won't notice a thing :) We do have a flavored version in development that will be Keto friendly. Again, people fasting should NOT be taking flavored products, as it can stimulate insulin, even without sugar. Thats the whole point of the product. The flavored version, coming soon, will be appropriate for those just looking for the best electrolyte product on the market, with no sugar and 100% USA made ingredients (even the flavor, stevia and citrtic acid). Thanks!

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Hello! Thanks for your review and order! You just need to mix it with more water. At 32oz it is almost virtually no taste. As for the shipping time....common guys, do we really need to keep reminding of the affects of COVID-19 on infrastructure and business? You can see the large red bar here on the USPS website: Not only that, but when the item was purchased, there was a clear warning (still there, now 5 days) right under the add to cart button stating it will take upto 9 business days to ship out. There are mass material shortages. Its taking upto 6 weeks just to get raw materials, which typically are always in stock. No raw material, no product :( In any case, if it is something you are hoping to work, trust me, double the water and squeeze in a lemon, its tasty! Thanks!

Exactly what I wanted. Thanks

Thanks for your review Chad! Really appreciate you taking the time to do so and glad the product is working! Two comments on that Chad. First, there is a clear warning in large bold purple font directly under the add to cart button previously warning of upto 9 business days to ship out, then plus shipping time, which the large red bar on the USPS website warns of delays. There is mass raw material shortages. No raw material = no product. When the product is in stock, we ship same or next day depending on time order is placed. It was again, clearly stated the product was out of stock, and it would take upto 9 business days to ship. This is why you don't see these reviews on other products (except KSM-66 which comes from India, which was closed for 2 months again, no raw material = no product), all of which we have plenty of. Second, let me give you a personal example as well. I ordered from about 3 weeks ago, and the package still isn't arriving for another 1.5 weeks (said was in stock). I ordered from, I am about 6 weeks in now, and still didn't get it. Also, all my Amazon Prime orders have taken 5-10 days. Thanks!

Quality product
Thank you kindly for your patience and your review! Very glad to hear you are getting the results you wanted :)
No more leg cramps...