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amazing product

a natural product which helps my patients with attention, anxiety and mood. without exposing them to toxic side effects of traditional medications

Healthy aunt

My husband's 86 yr old aunt is into nutrition and lives in assisted living. Asked specifically for Cordyceps Sinensis mushrooms because she had been feeling a little fatigued and under the weather. I bought them for her and within two days she reported that she felt much better and her energy level had increased. She was so happy to have been feeling better and wanted to make sure she did not run out she asked me to buy her 12 more bottles plus two additional bottles for my husband (although I have yet to receive this shipment), she might be up in years but she knows her stuff. Thank you.


This stuff is great. Keeps you fasting while supplying what your body needs. I even take a scoop on non-fast days to make sure my body is getting what it needs. I mix with 32 oz. of water. The taste is not good, but not terrible. It tastes just like watered down milk to me. If you're freaking out about the taste of all natural minerals and can't suck it up, you need to work on your mental game.

Great results, good value for the dollar

I've tried other electrolyte products, but this is my go-to for extended or even intermittent fasting. After suffering night-time leg cramps on longer fasts, I did my homework and picked this product as the best of the bunch and haven't suffered cramping since. I use this twice daily (half the suggested dose morning and night) and combine it with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar plus a few drops of stevia. This helps mask the flavor and gives me my ACV ration at the same time.

A life saver during 8 day water fast

I’m doing an 8-day water fast for the first time and this electrolyte drink was a life saver. It allowed me to get through my rough morning and every day after I took it first thing in the morning and never felt dizzy or lightheaded even once in the rest of my 7 days! I highly recommend it!

Valuable product

Very good for my brain


Used on the second day of a three-day fast to avoid those second-day headaches from electrolyte imbalances. It worked for that, but the taste was awful when I mixed it according to the directions. I had to mix a half-scoop with a bunch of monkfruit, lemon juice, and other electrolyte powder that I had to make it tolerable. Also, My advice is to mix it the night before the day you want to use it because there are some components that take a very long time to dissolve into water (I was using distilled water).

Positive Results

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and have noticed increases in my strength and endurance

They are ok in my opinion

When first trying lions mane I took it as directed on the bottle took 3 a day I felt some good focusing and concentration had gotten better but after awhile started feeling cloudy minded and confused at simple task , so now I take it every few days to lower dosage sort of speak and it seems to work better for me , but again this is me and my own opinion I say it's worth the buy and try

Like Adderall

I absolutely love LM! These are my NATURAL get up and go MEDS....especially if you're used to taking pills to "get up and go". I don't but to each their own. You can take three in the morning and get up and go. Or 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon 1 at night. I love them thanks brain. Now I'm not saying the lion's mane cause this but nerves that were damaged from polyneuropathy are regenerating. Take it with a grain of salt but I love these mushrooms


I was wary about the efficacy of the supplements after the backlogging due to COVID early on. After finally receiving my order, I thought, what the heck, I'll at least try it out. I've seen fairly immediate results. I've found it's much easier to produce states of flow and deep work, and it has helped me deal with a lack of motivation due to depression. I strongly recommend giving this product a chance. I can't tell if there's been much difference in my physical abilities, but the mental clarity is worth every penny. Going to try out lifting on it today, as I've been doing exclusively long-distance running for some time now. I'll try to come back and note if I find any difference in strength, recovery time, etc. after a week or two. Cheers to the folks at Brainforza.

Great Product!

I suffer from, PTSD, depression and anxiety, when I make up in the morning, I am usually very anxious, along with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I also exercise 5 days a week and I am getting stronger; in terms of the amount of weight that I can lift and the number of repetitions, that I can do. My symptoms, in all mentioned conditions have decreased quite a lot and I am very happy with this product.

Good product

Great product and I will definitely order again

No longer need to take Melatonin supplements

I have difficulty sleeping because my mind always has something to think about consciously and unconsciously. Meditation has been helping me little by little to overcome this situation, but when I started taking these supplements, it’s like the situation kicked into a little overdrive (positively of course). I use to to just meditate and go to sleep. After about 15-20 min I finally started sleeping. As I started taking 2 of these pills before sleep and meditation however, my body would pass out within 5-10 min and not a conscious or unconscious thought would roam through my mind. Don’t know what else to say other then that this product does in fact work for me!

Happy mind happy body

As I’ve used this product, I’ve been much more attentive to what I do and don’t remember. Names were difficult to remember in the past, now after only learning someone’s name once or twice, I’ve come to remember names a lot easier. Strange that such a pill could do such a thing. Maybe it’s a placebo affect, but at this point I’m highly doubting that it is.

This stuff works!

Love the product! Keeps me focused during my training sessions with my team and leaves me kicking with a little more energy during our last minutes of play during a scrimmage! Don’t feel any crashes either like coffee or other caffeinated products! Flavor is great, foaming really throws me off (not much of a carbonated drinker and it’s the impression it gives me) but I’ve accustomed myself too it.

More boosting

I have been taking Lions Mane for about 6 years. I have MS related memory problems.
After less than one year of taking, I saw significant improvement in my memory. Highly recommend!

Representative not knowledgeable

I asked representative to cancel my repeat orders and at first could not express that it was done. I have recently had fraudulent repeat orders shipped to me and have changed my perseption about them. After repeated call she said they were no longer repeat orders. Not sure if I believe her this time, we will see if I get more shipped this month. Meanwhile I will order my next order with someone else. After that I may come back to you?

So far so good

The product took a little longer to arrive, but given I ordered it during the holiday season, this is to be expected.

The powder works well and I don’t mind the taste so much. If you add enough water, it barely tastes like anything.

That said, it can be a little gritty sometimes, but that’s also not a reason to dislike it.

It works well from what I can tell and I feel much more energized whenever I take it. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little groggy while working or after a workout, I’ll take a half scoop and feel better without 20-30 minutes.

Please don't send any more

Have not had any results with this product. I have tried canceling my order but still keep getting billed and more product. 4 expensive bottles on the shelf.

Can't Review Something I Haven't Received 🤷🏻‍♀️

I would love to review this as asked in the email I received stating it was fulfilled 18 days ago,but I can review something I never received. Will update if I ever get it.

Great Stuff

I wanted to wait awhile, so I could judge this supplement fairly.
My energy has gone thru the roof, I am able to focus and concentrate on anything I want. My anxiety has gone down 10 fold. I have great stamina. I feel 15 years younger

Still need time

I previously used the Superfast Minerals supplement (still have it since I fast 1-2 every month) before and saw this product. Wanted to give this a try since I tend to have a lot of performance anxiety when I play. I honestly have not felt any changes (must be me) but then again, it has only been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve used this product. Going to continue to use the product though and will leave a second review after! So far though I have not had any complaints!

Love the supplement

Love the supplement, good feeling of calm with added energy but the time it took to fulfill the order would not be something I could subscribe too.
Maybe 1 day it will stay in stock