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Better than ever
KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root
Thank you for taking the time to review! Please feel free to write in if you ever have any questions :) Thanks!
The urine says it all!
Hahaha a very interesting test indeed! We are very happy to hear you are getting the success you are looking for! :)
Works Great as stated !!
Hi Raj! This review makes us so happy!!! We are ecstatic to see it working so well for people. Thank you also for your comment on the taste! As for the delay in shipping, it was a pre order at the time :) It was not in stock yet. Now it ships same or next day! If we have a product in stock, we do ship super fast (no pun intended). Thanks again! 60 day supply may definitely be possible in the future as we expand this product! Flavors and sizes will definitely come in the near future :)
Too sweet
Thanks for your review! To be clear, there is no sugar in the product. Just stevia. A quick note, hopefully you can understand, it will be almost impossible to make a flavor everone likes. For some people its too sweet, for some not sweet enough. Some love it, some hate it. Here, we are all focusing on health, that is most important. As well, we prefer to always make something too strong, than not strong enough - you can always take less. We recommend just mixing it into a glass of water, problem fixed! It will greatly reduce the overall sweetness if you find it too much. Thanks!!
Super Fast Electrolytes For Fasting
Thank you so much! We really appreciate your feedback and appreciate the photo share!!!! Love your nail color ;)
Could Benefit From Some Citrus Flavor or Something
Hello! Thanks for your purchase and review. If it’s your first order with us, despite the hell I’m about to unleash below, lol, we really do appreciate you jumping on board and are happy to process a return if you don’t want it!! Despite your feelings about the product, our end goal is always to have you happier and healthier. So let us know. Now! To reply :) Flavor should not make it into consideration of the review. As clearly stated on the bottle and in the description, the entire purpose of this format is to not have flavor. That’s 100% on purpose. If you are looking for a flavored product, shouldn’t have purchased it. We are going to release a tasty flavored version down the road for people just looking for an awesome electrolyte product, and not fasting etc. As for the unflavored taste, we can’t change the taste of salt, potassium. Etc. So you need to ask yourself, do you want the product to work? Or should we cut the dose by 70% so it barely tastes like anything and you waste your money? I’m not sure how much water you are using, but there is very little taste in 32oz! Try that if you haven’t. It really helps. The bottle recommends 16-32oz. People often underestimate how much water that actually is (a regular kitchen glass or short shaker is only 8oz) The statement that its discouraging to you to drink water, I also can’t say I understand! It says on the bottle, the more water you mix it with, the less you can taste it. Wouldn’t that help you achieve both goals? Less taste and more water? I would recommend putting the serving in a 1 gallon jug to drink throughout the day. It will be virtually tasteless at that point. That should really help! As for the shipping, this was a brand new pre order product. This was stated clearly on the product page in all cap bold purple font :) the date updates, when the product was pushed back 2.5 weeks due to the holidays, we sent out emails and adjusted the date on the product page. So we did our best to make sure that was all clear, and everyone is always welcome to cancel their order at anytime! Thanks! - Greg
Great stuff
Sorry for our delay! Thank you so much! Very glad to hear :)
exactly what I needed.
Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! Especially a very through review. We really, really appreciate it! We are so excited reading these reviews knowing how well the product seems to work for everyone. Our goal is and always has been to create the best, and most functional products on the market. We spend more and make less, thats always been our model, to grow by building our reputation for having the best products. We definitely will be making a VERY tasty flavored version in the near future! We wanted to start with the focus on fasters, within the next few months we will develop a great flavored version for those just looking for the best electrolytes product on the market. Thanks!!!
Mixed! (Not well)
Hello! Thanks so much for your feedback. There is no flavor now 100% on purpose. It would defeat the purpose of the product to put flavor or sweetener in :) it’s meant for those fasting. As to not stimulate insulin. We are going to make a flavored version in the very near future for people using it for electrodes since again, we can more or less promise, this is the best electrolyte product on the market. You can currently mix it with any fluid though! Juice. Etc As for clumping. All ingredients are 100% water soluble. You need to shake the bottle and/or use a bottle with a whisk ball for quicker dissolving. But it’s 100% water soluble. So just a technique adjustment needed here. Thanks so much!
Terrible customer service

Hello Dominic! Of course we do not cover stolen packages. We are sorry for the situation, but companies cannot be held responsible for stolen merchandise. Any customer at any time could just say 'they didn't receive it' even when the order is confirmed delivered (as is the case here).

However, as CLEARLY stated in the email you never replied to, the package was INSURED. I sent you the link to submit your claim and receive reimbursement. Sounds like you never used it.....


Mind booster
Great supplement
Starting to really feel a difference
New To Ashwagandha
Love this Product
Pays to wait for the best!!!
Using for recovery
In response to my earlier review
Great product, not so great communication
Hello Miki! Thanks for the honest review and the positives and negatives! First note - we did communicate that we ran out. We sent it in a mass email, and it was and is written in bold, purple, all caps font directly on the product page so you can't miss it. Unfortunately, selling out happens sometimes in any business, its just the way it goes - it should especially be expected around Christmas time. The KSM-66 an extremely popular product and has been hard to keep in stock. As part of our adherence to being the best, we always run small batches - 3-6 months worth at a time only, even though the products have a very long expiry date. We do not do 12-24 month runs. This is in much of our marketing and one of our most important points customers value. We do not give discounts for out of stock products. Sometimes products sell out, that happens with any business. We cannot provide discounts for that. While we want to make clear we appreciate ALL order sizes, its not possible to provide additional discount or rush shipping on a $15 order. We would be losing money. Rush shipping would be $9-$12. We would already be losing money there before even paying staff, bills, etc. We do understand, especially as a subscriber, that it is frustrating when we run out, unfortunately it is just something that is going to happen from time to time. All orders autoship once back in stock, and you are always welcome to cancel an order before that date if you change your mind. In any case. Thank you again for your business and time in writing the review!
Hello! Dr Asher! Thank you so kindly for taking the time to write such a detailed review! We cannot comment too much on making claims about the effects...but I can say we are so very happy to hear you are getting some excellent results! Greg (the founder) does often say the Lion's Mane helps him sleep better as well :) Thank you again, hope the positive movement there keeps rolling forward!