Brain Forza Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Blend Stronger Than Extract USA Made, 90 Capsules
Brain Forza Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Blend Stronger Than Extract USA Made, 90 Capsules
Brain Forza Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Blend Stronger Than Extract USA Made, 90 Capsules
Brain Forza Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Blend Stronger Than Extract USA Made, 90 Capsules

Organic Red Reishi Mushroom, 90 Capsules

$23.95 USD

Our signature certified organic Red Reishi mushrooms. Non-GMO, lab-grown and significantly stronger than wild grown mushrooms or standardized extracts. Cooked twice to 125°C.*

$23.95 USD
$20.36 USD

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Grown in the USA

USA Grown

🇺🇸 100% Grown & Made in the USA

Brain Forza® Organic Red Reishi Mushroom

Our full-spectrum organic Reishi mushrooms are grown in the USA, full-spectrum, and include all mushroom parts.
  • Mushrooms are Grown & Made in the USA

  • Roughly 1.5-3x Stronger Than Typical Extracts

  • Made From All Parts of the Mushroom

  • Pure High-Potency Reishi (Ganoderma) Blend

  • USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free

No rice or oats - our mushrooms are grown on one of the USA's most ancient superfoods - organic White Milo (Sorghum)
Variable 72%
(+/- will vary batch to batch)
Variable 26%
(+/- will vary batch to batch)
DNA Tested
DNA Match Tested
(species verified via DNA test)


Reishi (Ganoderma) Mushroom

Balance, Immunity and Vitality*

Some claim it is the key to vitality and longevity – Red Reishi mushroom has been traditionally used for centuries by ancient cultures to support immunity, as well as a range of other common health issues.

Reishi, also known as lingzhi throughout China, is a large mushroom that has developed a reputation based on its health-supporting properties. Dating back at least 2,000 years, it is the most studied and most valued supplemented mushroom, as it’s considered to be “the mushroom of immortality.” by ancient cultures. 

Throughout history, Red Reishi mushroom has been utilized to support numerous health concerns. Today, there have been a number of studies and human trials showcasing Reishi mushroom as a potential supporter of immune function, liver health, brain health, and more.

Being a natural adaptogen, Reishi may also help support the body’s resistance to stress.

⚗️ May Possibly Support:

Mood & Balance*

Immune Health*

Overall Vitality*


Learn More on

Want to learn more about Reishi mushroom's possible benefits? Please check this resource for excellent information on Reishi mushrooms.
Please note: We have absolutely no affiliation with this company. The information within is solely for educational purposes, dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease whatsoever.

Why Our Mushrooms Are Better


Grown & Made in the USA

Our lab-grown mushrooms are 100% grown and made in the USA in an environment that mimics the mushrooms natural growth habitat. Lab grown mushrooms are produced in an incredibly controlled environment. Unlike wild-grown or wood-grown mushrooms which can be prone to toxins from insect droppings, our environments are generally free of toxins.

Full-Spectrum Powder

Full-spectrum mushroom supplements harness the power of the entire mushroom, including the fruiting body, mycelium, spores, and extracellular compounds. This synergy ensures you receive a wide range of bioactive compounds, such as beta-glucans, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides, which are essential for supporting overall health.*

Need Powder? Open 'em!

Don't be shy! Capsules don't have to stay capsules - they are afterall just capsules filled with powder! The same powder you might prefer over swallowing a capsule. Feel free to open the capsules and pour the powder into a hot or cold liquid of choice (mushroom coffee anyone?). Most of our herbals are water soluble, our mushrooms blend well when shaken or stirred, and are mostly soluble in hot fluid.

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (pullulan), Organic sorghum ≤5%

Suggested Use: Take one capsule three times daily with water or, three capsules once daily with water.

Allergens: Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish and tree nut ingredients.

Certified Organic | Gluten Free | Halal & Kosher Raw Material 

WARNING: This product is for adults only. Always contact a physician if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children.


Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms have been used for centuries to support human health in various ways by cultures all over the world! We love mushrooms :)

Extract vs Raw Full Spectrum Powder

There is a lot of talk about this issue. Let us explain why Full Spectrum mushroom powder is better.

What is an Extract?
Mushroom extract is a concentrated substance derived from mushrooms via hot water or alcohol extraction(alcohol for tinctures typically). The leftover liquid is then spray or freeze-dried and turned into powder. So there is very little, or no actual mushroom tissue in the final powder or liquid tincture.

What is Full-Spectrum Powder?
Full Spectrum mushroom powder is the entire mushroom mass milled down into powder and spray or freeze dried. It's comprised of all parts. The entire grown mass includes mycelium, fruit bodies and all other related components, typically including some spores as well.

Why is Full Spectrum mushroom powder better?
Lets look at Lemon balm. You wouldn't want to eat Lemon balm leaves, you just steep them in hot water to extract the active chemicals (making tea). But mushrooms are food! You do want to eat them! They have nutritional benefits in addition their health benefits.

So why even make an extract? Usually the concern is potency. Typically, mushroom extracts are standardized to 30% polysaccharides as a 10:1 extract because the mushrooms themselves, as a whole mass, contain less polysaccharides or beta-glucans than desired.

However, our mushrooms, without extraction, typically produce 50-70%+ polysaccharides naturally. No extract necessary.

Our mushrooms beta-glucan level is also high, generally ranging between 22%-30%+.

So in most cases, our mushrooms are significantly stronger than extracts by this measure, and Brain Forza®'s mushroom products are real, complete full spectrum mushroom tissue.

Are your Mushrooms tested?

If you see a company really promote that they test 3rd party tested etc, and are made in a GMP facility etc, well........this is not unique. It is required.

Therefore it is not really a marketing point! Quality really comes down to dosage, suppliers and where you get the raw materials or where you make them, p.s. our mushrooms are grown and made in the USA.

Companies must make their products in cGMP certified facilities, that is a base requirement, as well, that Co-Packers send the products and materials out for testing - testing for heavy metals, bacteria, etc. both on the raw materials as they arrive, and on the finished products. This is required! So yes, our mushrooms are tested for harmful elements, before and after production via our Co-Packer. 

The one step above we have done, is make sure our mushroom strains are what they say they are by doing a random DNA spot test :)

Brain Forza® Red Reishi Mushroom Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Adam Y.
Small capsule and easy to swallow

It does the job! Easy way to take some red reishi!

Weston B.
Best mushrooms

These guys make the best mushrooms, US made and grown.

Ian M.
Highest quality Reishi

Best quality Reishi I have ever incorporated into my diet. I take daily and find the results to be very balancing in my supplement diet.

Be careful

Good product, but maybe a little too good. I only took this twice on separate occasions because the effect was so strong, and the only other supplements/meds I had was the adaptAll earlier in the day and I'm a health 23yo guy. The first time, with 1 pill @4:30pm, I was extremely drowsy within 30min and barely remember the rest of the day. Tried it again a couple weeks later, 2pills @10:00pm, and I felt extremely drowsy again but additionally it felt like my heart was going to explode, and I drifted in and out of consciousness. I felt great the next day though, the same feeling I have the day after an intense crossfit workout. I would be scared to let anyone over 45yo try this supplement because the cardiovascular effect was so strong. Also this is so much stronger than alcohol as a depressant, so plz plz plz only take just before bed. And finally, I'm concerned that taking this on a regular basis would cause drowsiness/low-energy and possibly even serotonin syndrome. I would only take this on rare occasions as a sleep aid and only if you're healthy.

Hello Matthew! Thanks so much for your order and your review!! Just to be clear, that is not a typical reaction by any means. Infact, in 10 years of operation, we have never heard of something like this. The worst we have heard is light stomach cramps to those already sensitive to mushrooms (they can be a bit more work for your stomach to digest). Most of our Red Reishi and Lions mane supplement customers are actually seniors. My mom takes it, and I take upto 6 capsules some days. Your reaction might be an allergic reaction. I recommend you stop using the Reishi and ask your doctor about it to try to find out what’s going on.

Lori D.
Trusted Product

I feel this is the only true Reishi mushroom product that I can buy. I take them daily for anti cancer properties as I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. Very happy to have found this company that will only provide top quality products.