Brain Forza® Organic Mushrooms

🇺🇸 100% Made in the USA

No extract required. Brain Forza’s certified organic mushrooms are grown for the purpose of functional nutrition and 5x stronger than wild grown mushrooms.

Lab-Grown Quality
✅ No Insect Droppings
Stronger than Extract
No Rice, Oat or Corn

Healthy Hydration 
Never Tasted


Healthy Hydration 
Never Tasted

1.5-3x Stronger Than Extracts

Free of Contaminants

Rich in Beta-Glucans

Cooked Twice to 125°


USDA Certified Organic Raw Material

NOT Grown on Rice, Oat or Corn


🧬 Perfected DNA + Environmental Control 

Decades of competitive growth, strain vs strain, has made our mushrooms stronger.

Grown in a controlled, pristine environment, our mushrooms are free from the contaminants of traditional cultivation.

This means you'll never have to worry about toxins or insect droppings. Instead, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with certified organic quality, verified by stringent standards.
Raw Material USDA Certified Organic
Final Product CCOF Certified Organic

🍄 All Parts of The Mushroom Used

We use the entire mushroom mass to produce our product. Once our mushrooms reach maturity and are ready for harvest, the entire mass (>95% mushroom tissue) is collected and milled into a fine powder. The powder is very roughly made up of the following ratio:


Roughly 70% of the material makeup.

Fruit Bodies

Roughly 20% of the material makeup.


Roughly 10% of the material makeup.

🧪 Lab Perfected Organic Mushrooms

  • Certified Organic

    USDA Certified raw material, and CCOF certified final product.
  • Strongest DNA

    Decades of selective breeding, made our mushrooms strong!
  • >95% Mushroom Tissue

    Mushroom superfood = mushroom growth! Each yield is >95%+ pure.
  • No Rice, Oats or Corn

    We use USA-made organic sorghum, a mushroom superfood!
  • No Insect Droppings

    Our controlled environment does not prevents access by insects.
  • No Extract Required

    Our mushrooms polysaccharides are 1.5-3x higher than extracts.

How It Works

The Growth & Cultivation Process [Simplified]

STEP 1: Perfect DNA

The first step is to have the perfect fungi culture. Fungi cultures are collected from around the world and then competitively bred against one another (of the same family) to make them continually stronger.

STEP 2: The Substrate

Most organic growers use a cheap rice substrate which only yields about 75% mushroom tissue at cultivation. Our mushrooms are grown on a custom organic substrate that took a long time to discover as the best material. This material yields around 95%> mushroom tissue at time of cultivation. Significantly more than other substrates. It is our "secret recipe", so to say.

STEP 3: Enter Fungi Culture

The prepared substrate bags are passed through a secured tunnel into the clean room. They are racked and ready to have a live fungi cell culture preparation introduced into the bag. The open bags are passed into a clean room even more sterile where a liquid fungi preparation is poured into the bag full of nutrient-rich substrate.

What enters the bag is what will grow inside on the substrate. After the liquid preparation is poured in, the bag is sealed to block out foreign contaminants from entering, and to control the environment the fungi will grow in.

The bags used were custom built by Swiss engineers specifically for our partner and allow natural gases to escape through specially made vents in the bag.

STEP 4: Growth Cycle

The bags are left in an area where they will not be disturbed so the mycelium can grow and spread through the bag. This process takes about 6-8 weeks.

Step 5: Harvest & Powder Milling

There is a lot of debate as to what part of the mushroom contains the highest level of actives. It is actually largely the mycelium.

The fruiting body, the “mushroom head”, is created by the fungi responding to environment stressors like running out of nutrients, nearing the end of its life cycle or elongated exposure to bright sunlight. The fruiting body is the mushroom's effort to release and spread spores, to reproduce.

It’s at that time the mushroom actually starts to lose its potency.
So the mushrooms are monitored, and the moment fruiting bodies start to grow, the mushroom is harvested to have the fungal tissue turned into a consistent, free-flow powder that we use to fill our capsules.

Brain Forza® Organic Mushrooms


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What others are saying...

As I’ve used this product, I’ve been much more attentive to what I do and don’t remember. Names were difficult to remember in the past, now after only learning someone’s name once or twice, I’ve come to remember names a lot easier. Strange that such a pill could do such a thing. Maybe it’s a placebo affect, but at this point I’m highly doubting that it is.

Daniel H.

Verified Buyer

I think the Brain Forza organic turkey tail mushroom supplement is the very best! I will continue to buy it, but not from Brain Forza, because it took almost 3 weeks to be delivered, which is crazy! Amazon carries it and never takes that long to deliver it.

Timothy L.

Verified Buyer

Red Reishi from Brain Forza is the very best I've found in my many decades of using natural supplements. It's the most effective and a great value. Also, I am sensitive and usually non-responsive, little-responsive or reverse-responsive to many good natural supplements, but I respond very well to this product.

Mary V.

Verified Buyer

Brain Forza makes the best mushrooms. Best price for strong organic mushrooms, made in the US. The first time I took their Cordyceps, I took 4 caps at once and I noticed it really did something.....I felt my breathing change a bit. Not sure good or bad, but they definitely work on a physiological level. Using these daily, I feel has help with aerobic exercise. They are also possibly anti-inflammatory.


Verified Buyer

Most of the time I feel this product within an hour, it gives me a mild euphoria. Incredible. I love it. And the times I don't feel it, I still know it's feeding my body the quality benefits. I signed up / subscribed for a monthly bottle. NAMASTE ✨ THANKS YOU

Brian P.

Verified Buyer


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