Brain Forza Potenza Natural Pre Workout Peak ATP Agmatine, BetaPower Ginkgo TeaCrine Cordyceps Mushroom 20 Servings Natural
Brain Forza Potenza Natural Pre Workout Peak ATP Agmatine, BetaPower Ginkgo TeaCrine Cordyceps Mushroom 20 Servings Natural
Brain Forza Potenza Natural Pre Workout Peak ATP Agmatine, BetaPower Ginkgo TeaCrine Cordyceps Mushroom 20 Servings Natural
Brain Forza Potenza Natural Pre Workout Peak ATP Agmatine, BetaPower Ginkgo TeaCrine Cordyceps Mushroom 20 Servings Natural

Potenza Natural Pre-Workout, 20 Servings

$39.95 USD

Adaptogen-loaded, plant, mushroom vitamin & amino acid based natural pre-workout for professionals to support energy, focus, power and strength.*

$39.95 USD
$33.96 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bad Batch?

I tried a scope before my workout. The taste was really bad, but, never used before so thought it must just be the way it taste and finished the drink. About 1/2 hour into my workout got a little jittery and nausea. I tried to do some hard pushes but had to back off to prevent vomiting. The taste is hard to describe but had a metallic bit. To say it’s not pleasant would be an understatement. I’m guessing I got a bad batch based on all the reviews I read

Hello! Thanks for your review. This is Greg the owner. To be upfront, I am quite direct and brash in my talking style. I hope you can appreciate it! I know not everyone will.

First. I will say there is nothing wrong with the batch. We have sold a few hundred bottles of this batch and I have two here at my home that I use! They are perfectly fine. We have had no negative feedback. Just lots of reorders!

FLAVOR | I will first note - why would you ever assume it would taste amazing? The product is loaded with horrifically bitter herbs and it is 100% naturally flavored. We do not use use sucralose. if you tasted the formula unflavored, you would understand it was an incredible feat to naturally get the taste as good as it is with no synthetics and no sugar, I would rank it as “easily drinkable but not particularly enjoyable”.

Our number one goal is quality, our number two goal is function. That means no synthetic sweeteners.

With sucralose, you can make dirt taste good! It is 600x sweeter than sugar. But again, this goes against what we do here and our primary principles. Our market and who we cater too understands it’s not a cocktail! It’s a tool. The taste is somewhat irrelevant so long as it is of the highest quality and it does what it promises ;) But even then, we did our best with the flavor without sacrificing quality and dosages.

NEGATIVE EFFECT | As I first mentioned. The batch is good! But it still is totally possible to have a bad reaction to any supplement. In fact some people can’t even have Reishi without getting an upset stomach. Some people can’t handle spicy food. Etc.

We are all different and there is no one same reaction. It is totally possible that you could take that combination of herbs, and we dose correct and high, and feel uneasy - especially if on a very empty stomach. You just never know until you try. This is the first we have ever heard of that for this product however! So at least the success rate is very very high.

Obviously, we really wish it wasn’t the case! We wish you could enjoy what we think is the cleanest pre workout to exist. We do have a 90 day return policy! So please reach out to customer service and they will get you taken care of.

Because we are not too involved in the sports world, Potenza is not our biggest seller, however, it is probably our most reordered product. With an extremely loyal following. The customers that buy it, buy lots more.

I really wish you were able to enjoy the benefits. I have and try almost every pre workout on the market, and we created Potenza to be the most perfect and really feel we got there.

I will give you one tip. In terms of nausea, the more empty stomach you are, the higher the chance of experiencing upset stomach. This can actually be even from the vitamin B alone in the formula.

Anyways, I hope some of this information helps!

Thanks and sorry it didn’t work out the best this time!

Weston B.
The best Pre Workout on the market

Check my review on the electrolyte product. This pre-workout, and the electrolyte product, are the best sports product I have ever tried. This pre workout is naturally flavored, so I would only rate the flavor a 6/10, but the results are 12/10. There are two words that describe this pre workout. PERFECT and CLEAN. It is the CLEANEST energy you will ever have, and the feeling is PERFECT. No overt stim, no burnout. I get a clean pump, awesome energy, focus and drive. I love this thing.

John L.
Potentate natural pre-work out

Im a young 63 year old male and I have tried many different products. This product is amazing as it keeps me energized focused all day without the nervous side affects that I’ve experienced with other manufacturers products. From morning to evening I feel energized, muscles are getting tighter, more definition. A great product

Daniel H.
This stuff works!

Love the product! Keeps me focused during my training sessions with my team and leaves me kicking with a little more energy during our last minutes of play during a scrimmage! Don’t feel any crashes either like coffee or other caffeinated products! Flavor is great, foaming really throws me off (not much of a carbonated drinker and it’s the impression it gives me) but I’ve accustomed myself too it.

Solid pre

Gets you moving and like the other reviews say it kicks in pretty quick. Flavors not bad. Only thing that isn’t perfect is that it foams up when mixed and that not all of it dissolves. All in all very good