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Our classic flagship Study Juice® Stick packs, now discontinued.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nicholas V.

Didnt work for me

Kelsea W.

1.)Tastes like crap
2.) If you chug it or even drink it over a short period of time it will may make you nauseous.
3.) If you can drink it slow and ignore the taste then I guess it works.
I wish this product was more enjoyable to use since the benefits are pretty helpful when I am studying.

Dominic C.

The product I've been using for the past week or two, on and off, ocassionally taking it when I feel the need for a brain boost. It really works! I like that, and expected it would anyway, it's sort've like a superpower. One thing that needs to be fixed if at all, would be the taste. I blend it with water and an ice cube, and doing that makes it a bit foamy which makes me bloated lol! so yeah I don't know if I'll continue doing that, but the flavoring is just disgusting.

It's a great product but if you can somehow tweak the way that it tastes to make it easier to down, that'd be amazing, Five stars for being the right thing this world needs to be more productive and intelligent.

Lilian M.

It does give you energy, but not necessarily the focus you need. Eventhough it does help study.

Erik C.

Bad flavor,

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