Brain Forza Adapt All Adaptogen for Hormones KSM 66 Ashwagandha bacopaBrain Forza Adapt All Adaptogen for Hormones KSM 66 Ashwagandha bacopa
Hormone Balance

Adapt All

Powerful Plant & Mushroom Powered Adaptogen
100% Made in The USA


w/ Organic Chaga and Vitamin C
Mushrooms & Adaptogens
Brain Forza Labs Inc.

Brain "Forza" means "brain Strong" - interpreted as having a strong will. We believe with the right mindset, you can overcome any obstacle.

We consider ourselves somewhat of a "boutique" shop, specializing in organic mushrooms & adaptogens.

✓ Non-GMO Only ✓ Herb ID Tracked ✓ Made in the USA ✓ Correct Servings ✓ Active-form Vitamins

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What We're Famous For
Organic Mushrooms
Our organic USA grown mushrooms are full-spectrum, and are 2x stronger than most extracts.
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100% Made in the USA
Grass-Fed Collagenw/ Chaga & Vitamin C
Grass-fed, totally-soluble collagen peptide powder with organic Chaga mushroom and Vitamin C for collagen synthesis. Our collagen peptide powder is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle right here in the USA.

Grass Fed | Pasture Raised | High in Protein | Completely Dissolves in Liquid
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Physical Performance
Supercharge your sports and fitness performance with ultra-clean products powered by mushrooms and adaptogens.*
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Brain Forza Spencer Hamilton


“I’ve been using Brain Forza for several years. Brain Lift, Adapt All, Lions Mane....they offer some of the best high performance supplements I’ve ever used.”


"To help me stay 100% focus I Use Brain Lift. I tested on myself and I have to say it helps me to stay energized during full of creative work days."


"I recommend @brainforza to get the perfect balance of energy and focus. Natural caffeine from green tea. Brain Lift nootropic stack."


"I highly recommend @brainforza specially in these challenging times. I need all the brain 🧠lift to help me stay more focus 🧘🏻‍♂️ with energy & more memory."


"My post workout recovery is adding Collagen Peptides from @brainforzato my blueberry smoothie. It's tasteless, fully soluble in water, and has Chaga and Vit C"


"Brain Lift is the perfect balance of energy and calm-focus making me feel awake and aware but without any crazy feelings or crashing effect."

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